What we do ?

We use cutting edge Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence technology to automate data collection in sports. Currently most of the data in sports is collected manually and accessing data/video is a laborious and expensive process,

We bring the next generation of sports data and analysis that can collect much more data with higher quality, compared to manual process.

Also, because of the automated nature of our solution and the efficiency in our design, we are able to generate data for matches that are being played anywhere, thus making it highly accessible.

With Matchday.ai, players playing anywhere can now get the video of their matches in an easily accessible format on their own devices. We also are able to deliver data and analysis of each match that players and coaches can use to train like pros.

Who are we ?


Ganesh Yaparla

Founder of Matchday.ai


Harsha Vardhan Kommana

Co-Founder of Matchday.ai


IIIT-H (Top University)

Technology Partner & Investor